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Hand Hammered Door Knob

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This is one of the most unique pieces we have ever found throughout our years of travels, and we didn’t even mean to find it!  This is one of many pieces from the estate sale in Charlotte that we unknowingly purchased.  I believe this is made of pewter, but still have some cleaning to do before that can be determined.

We originally had this piece in the garbage pile, thinking that all of the dents and the coloring meant it was an extremely cheap piece that wasn’t taken care of at all, but one of our young interns saw the true beauty of it and salvaged it without our knowledge.

Hammered Door Knob Side View

She spent days cleaning it, literally.  There was so much dirt and debris caked into it, it’s no surprise we were going to throw it away.  She brought to our attention that the small roundish indentations that covered the majority of the piece were hand struck on there.  The rest of the design, the circle around the center and the polished ridges, were crudely done, suggesting this is either the work of a brand new metal worker, or a piece over two hundred years old.

The weight of this piece is fairly light, but seem to have some durability, so we’re thinking it’s pewter.  We could try melting it on a stovetop (but that would be a one-way test). It may in fact be silver, but if that is the case it will take months of scrubbing and polishing to bring out the true shine of the metal.

We’ll settle for whatever we can get!  This will be recast in all available metals, including copper, bronze, and cast iron.  We’ll keep you up to date when we determine what the original metal is!

Written by Period Style Hardware

October 27, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Flower and Nature Themed Pewter Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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Spring is here and that means the flowers are blooming again, but why wait all year for that moment? Installing new cabinet knobs on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets can not only update the entire look of the room with minimal time and expense but can also create a new and beautiful theme that can be carried through to the rest of the home. Advancements in manufacturing capability over the past two centuries have made it possible for homeowners to introduce new and unexpected designs into their home and reflect their unique personality in a whole new way.
Floral cabinet knobs are a wonderful way to capture the beauty of Spring and Summer into your home all year long. Pewter cabinet knobs are a more malleable metal and therefore allow for more complex designs. Imagine whimsical daisy knobs on your cabinets or strawberry pulls on your drawers! Not only would this make your home special, it would allow you more freedom to incorporate your interests into your overall design.

Cabinet knobs and pulls are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and it is important to understand that not all are designed to go one every cabinet. This is especially true if you are planning to reuse existing drill holes for cabinet and drawer pulls. Pay attention to size when you are making a decision. Manufacturers will typically list two sizes for drawer pulls: overall length and center-to-center spacing. The center-to-center spacing is key because this refers to the distance between the two mounting holes. If your drawer is not currently drilled for pulls this measurement is still important to pay attention to for future reference. Most standard drawer pulls come in a three inch center to center spacing – larger sizes may be available for some styles however.
The greatest part of redesigning the home is the ability to be creative – don’t feel like a home must look a particular way. The smaller details are what matter in any design and breaking away from traditional designs is a great way to make your design truly your own. Pewter knobs are available in a wide range of finishes ranging from silver tones (pewter) to copper, verdigris or even antique white. These options allow the homeowner to coordinate new hardware with existing fixtures that will not be replaced.

Searching for easy ways to redecorate without spending a fortune does not have to be complicated- merely creative. Remember to think outside the box this year and bring the beauty of Spring into your kitchen. Tie the look together further by painting cabinets in soft pastel tones or adding other floral design elements such as floral curtain tie backs, coat/utility hooks or even a few flower pots around the room.

Written by miznomerz

April 16, 2010 at 3:26 pm

Creating a Nautical or Oceanic Themed Bathroom

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Decorating a bathroom may prove to be one of the greatest challenges faced by a homeowner because of the lack of free space and permanent placements of the fixtures. Remodeling a bathroom is a lengthy and costly process – sometimes taking several weeks to nearly a year to complete depending upon the extent of the renovation. While this is sometimes a necessary route when plumbing is bad, fixtures are damaged or there is another significant problem with rotting or damaged tiling – a simple revamp can be a quick and inexpensive solution to a bathroom that is simply dated or past its prime.

A standard “full bath” in the United States typically refers to a room with a bath/shower combination (although this is not required – sometimes only a shower is available), toilet and a sink. Depending on the style of bathroom it may have a small cupboard or shelves installed. Since space is limited in most bathrooms, most bathroom hardware is designed to be small, provide storage and attach to the walls. Common hardware includes towel bars or rings, toothbrush holder, soap dish, robe hooks, cabinet knobs/drawer pulls and tissue holder.

Creating a common theme in the bathroom is a great way to unify the look of a disorderly bathroom. This can be easily accomplished with the use of a common design, finish or general theme. Since the bathroom is focused around water, there is no better place in the home to introduce a fun and novel ocean theme! This can be easily accomplished by replacing dull cabinet knobs with a fun pewter starfish design or installing a new towel bar with a clamshell pattern. When creating a theme it is limited only by the imagination – using a mixture of knobs will create an eclectic pattern that will tie together without being over done. Introducing blue bath towels or small nautical patterns on guest towels can tie the look together even further.

When choosing a finish for the bathroom the most popular choices are polished brass and polished chrome – these provide a mirror like surface and are relatively easy to match when using different hardware from different manufacturers. Other great choices could be brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or even an antique brass. The advantage of these less common but still beautiful finishes include a less cleaning and maintenance (a shiny surface will show water droplets and fingerprints more easily). Please remember that these finishes are not standardized as well and different companies finish may vary.

Helpful Hints:

 If you are replacing existing hardware measure all pre-drilled holes carefully. Not all hardware is the same size and the center to center spacing will need to be the same if you plan to use the original holes.
 All the hardware in the bathroom should be the same finish – including the doorknob. If your bathroom finish is different than the rest of the home search for a “mixed finish” door knob set that will allow you to use one finish on the interior side of the door and a completely different finish on the exterior.
 Branch out in your decorating style – if oceanic themes don’t work create an exotic look with Japanese Bamboo patterns or a classic roped design.

Knobs Versus Pulls – What’s the Difference?

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Solid Brass French Leaves Pull

Cabinet knobs and pulls are two terms that sometimes get used interchangeably although they are really two different types of hardware. A knob (that is intended for furniture or cabinets) is a single rounded piece that attaches to the face with one screw. A drawer pull is handle that typically attaches using two screws (or nails depending on design). Although cabinets generally use knobs exclusively a drawer can function with wither a knob or a pull (large or heavy drawers may require two knobs on opposite ends to function open easily).

If you are replacing your current hardware it is a good idea to use your existing hardware as a guide for what size knob or pull to replace it with – this is especially true with drawer pulls if you are reusing the existing holes. Older hardware that becomes scratched or dented over time can often make an entire room or piece of furniture appear out of date and in need to a makeover, by simply replacing these items you can create a brand new look with little time and investment.

Knobs and pulls come in a variety of materials, designs and sizes so you can replace any of the older hardware in your home. Glass knobs and pulls add an extra (and often unexpected) touch of elegance to any room and can be coordinated with new glass doorknob sets, window hardware and lighting as well. Solid brass and pewter knobs offer beautiful ornate patterns (frequently reproduced from antique designs) that look great on both new and old furniture. Larger drawers and cabinets typically require larger hardware for two reasons, first to handle the additional weight and secondly to look proportional in size. Small knobs (measuring an inch or smaller) are best used on small cabinets (like a bathroom medicine cabinet) or small drawers. Frequently knobs and pulls are available in a variety of sizes and can be mixed and matched in the same room or even on the same piece of furniture.

Clear Glass Barrel Knob

Replacing your old hardware gives you the opportunity to use your creativity and update the look of your home. Add vibrant color and designs to otherwise boring rooms or pieces by simply adding a new knob or drawer pull. Create a common theme inside and out your home with similar colors, shapes and patterns. Remember it is often in the little details that the most dramatic changes are made when redecorating so be sure not to overlook your home hardware during any renovating project. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a great selection of coordinating knobs and pulls for the home – they even offer free design assistance and help. Ask questions if you are unsure about a particular item and choose new knobs and pulls that reflect your unique style.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

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1 1/4 Inch Clear Glass Knob

1 1/4 Inch Clear Glass Knob

Light Blue Glass Barrel Knob

Light Blue Glass Barrel Knob

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in home but it is often overlooked during remodeling or decorating projects in the home. Although the kitchen has only been a feature in the home since the 18th century it serves the valuable purpose of providing an area of the home dedicated to food preparation, storage for dishes cooking utensils and often a social gathering place during informal meetings or casual meals. Prior to this food was cooked over an open fire pit outside and water was brought into the home from an outdoor source such as a well.

Updating your kitchen cabinet knobs is a great way to bring new life to your cabinets and drawers without needing to spend a lot of time or money. Cabinet knobs come in a variety of materials from glass to brass to iron and several finishes so they can be coordinate to other hardware such as faucets and hinges. The size of knob needed depends on the size of the cabinet it will be used on. A good rule of thumb is the larger the door, the larger the knob should be. Most kitchen cabinet and drawer knobs measure between 1 1/4 inches to 1 3/4 inches.

Radiant Leaves Ring Pull

Radiant Leaves Ring Pull

Creating a common theme in your kitchen is a great way to tie the whole kitchen together. This can be accomplished by using the same style cabinet knob and pull throughout the room or by accenting current decorating touches with unique knobs in a variety of shapes. A country style kitchen can be enhanced with pewter chicken or rooster knobs for example or a modern kitchen could utilize stainless steel knobs or geometric shapes to tie other shapes and patterns together in the room. The variety of choices when redecorating the kitchen is extremely wide and gives you the chance to have the kitchen reflect your own unique decorating style.

Kitchen cabinet knobs are a simple way to redecorate and have fun in your kitchen. Introducing colorful glass cabinet knobs is a great way to add new vibrancy to otherwise boring cabinets or ornate brass knobs can fit in well in a formal kitchen with a Victorian theme. The possibilities are endless when it comes to replacing older and worn hardware in the kitchen and around the home. A theme can be further created by replacing old doorknob sets, drawer pulls, hinges and lighting with similar patterns and finishes. Remember that it is not necessary to use the same knob style throughout a room to create a common theme – similar colors and shapes can do this as well.

Cast Iron Bird Cage Knob

Cast Iron Bird Cage Knob

LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide variety of beautiful kitchen cabinet knobs in a variety of materials, designs and finishes. Look through different finishes and materials (such as glass, pewter or brass) and be sure to ask questions if you are unsure. Choosing new cabinet hardware is a fun and creative way to update your kitchen with little effort.


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