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Pretty Brass Door Plate

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Woohoo!  We were finally able to go out for a few days and do some real hunting!  We didn’t expect to find too much, seeing how everyone was just starting to come out of hibernation, but we were able to find a few things that we really liked.  Do you remember that guy that really wants us to come out to his place to see all of his stuff?  Well, it’s not from there, but we did find another really cool place!

Don’t worry, we will go out to the other person’s place, he just lives in the middle of nowhere two states away, and he is still mostly cut off from civilization.  Just give us a couple of more weeks, and the weather should allow us to go.  We’ve been in touch, and are planning a road trip out there.  We’ve found a few other places we might stop as well.

brass door plate

This piece came from somewhere we’ve been several times before, but they always seem to have new stuff every time we go there.  It’s one of our favorite places, because it’s so close to us and because they always have one or two really unique items.  This is one of those pieces.

This decorative brass door plate is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  Usually if you find a door plate with any decoration on it, it will be around the edge since the center of it is the most commonly used and likely to be worn down easily.  Unlike those other pieces, the most elaborate decorations on this one are in the dead center of the piece.  Even more surprising is how much of the details have been perfectly preserved!


What an elegant piece this will make in any home, either as a door plate or a piece of art.  The choice is yours!

Written by antiqueswriter

May 9, 2011 at 12:51 pm


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