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Mardi Gras King Dresser

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This is one of our absolute favorite pieces that we were able to help salvage on this trip, and has a great story to go with it. Our group of friends were only ten of about a thousand that were assigned to clean up duty in a couple of different neighborhoods still in need of attention after the storm. While many of these people came from other parts of the country to volunteer their time, some of them were the original owners of these houses, or friends and families from the neigborhood.

MG Front View

We came across one home that was completely filthy on the lower level, and we the basement had been condemned. Luckily, the upstairs had fared pretty well, all things considering. The furniture, though musty and dirty, was still in good shape, and there were many momentos throughout. It turns out that one of the people that was working in our group was the granddaughter of the owner of the home. He had survived the disaster, and was living with his daughter and her family, and had asked his granddaughter to try to get some things out of the house for him.

MG Side View

One of those items was protected from much damage by being inside an armoire, of which we obtained this drawer pull temporarily. It was his crown from when he was crowned Mardi Gras King back in 1982. He was so proud to have worn that crown, and had dozens of stories that he had passed on through the generations about his time as Mardi Gras King. The crown was very sentimental to him, as was the armoire it was in. A couple of the pieces of the hardware were in really rough shape, and with his granddaughter’s blessing, we were able to borrow them so that wee could present this gentleman with a fully restored armoire.
MG Front View 2

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January 23, 2011 at 4:43 pm

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