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French Quarter Inspired Drawer Pulls

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No one can underestimate the class and style that the French Quarter of New Orleans radiates.  There is a lavishness and elegance that is only seen a couple of other places in the world, and very few if any in the United States.  The French Quarter gets its name from the architecture and embellishments inspired by French Empire.

For many, there is a hefty price tag attached to achieve such grace and richness, and while there are a handful of families that could afford this, there were many more people yearning for a good replica at a much cheaper price.  Many crafters stepped forward to accept this challenge, and the result was, and still is, absolutely magnificent.  Many pieces that are in the homes throughout New Orleans are these replicas, which have become much more in demand than the originals that inspired them.

FQ Front View

If I told you that this piece was a replica, which it is, it is certain that many more would sell than if it was an original.  If this seems a little backwards, it is, but it also makes the original pieces, when you’re able to find them, much more valuable and coveted.  They have also become even more affordable than when they first were released, because so many replicas have been produced.

FQ Side View

This piece was recovered off of another badly water damaged piece of furniture, though this piece was in far better shape than the other.  A couple of the drawers were missing, and the ones that remained were badly rotting.  Of the original eight drawer pulls, we were only able to salvage three, and all of them needed intense cleaning before we could consider replicating them.  We took the whole dresser, with the very good intention of getting the drawers rebuilt and having it refinished.

FQ Front View 2


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