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Creating a Nautical or Oceanic Themed Bathroom

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Decorating a bathroom may prove to be one of the greatest challenges faced by a homeowner because of the lack of free space and permanent placements of the fixtures. Remodeling a bathroom is a lengthy and costly process – sometimes taking several weeks to nearly a year to complete depending upon the extent of the renovation. While this is sometimes a necessary route when plumbing is bad, fixtures are damaged or there is another significant problem with rotting or damaged tiling – a simple revamp can be a quick and inexpensive solution to a bathroom that is simply dated or past its prime.

A standard “full bath” in the United States typically refers to a room with a bath/shower combination (although this is not required – sometimes only a shower is available), toilet and a sink. Depending on the style of bathroom it may have a small cupboard or shelves installed. Since space is limited in most bathrooms, most bathroom hardware is designed to be small, provide storage and attach to the walls. Common hardware includes towel bars or rings, toothbrush holder, soap dish, robe hooks, cabinet knobs/drawer pulls and tissue holder.

Creating a common theme in the bathroom is a great way to unify the look of a disorderly bathroom. This can be easily accomplished with the use of a common design, finish or general theme. Since the bathroom is focused around water, there is no better place in the home to introduce a fun and novel ocean theme! This can be easily accomplished by replacing dull cabinet knobs with a fun pewter starfish design or installing a new towel bar with a clamshell pattern. When creating a theme it is limited only by the imagination – using a mixture of knobs will create an eclectic pattern that will tie together without being over done. Introducing blue bath towels or small nautical patterns on guest towels can tie the look together even further.

When choosing a finish for the bathroom the most popular choices are polished brass and polished chrome – these provide a mirror like surface and are relatively easy to match when using different hardware from different manufacturers. Other great choices could be brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or even an antique brass. The advantage of these less common but still beautiful finishes include a less cleaning and maintenance (a shiny surface will show water droplets and fingerprints more easily). Please remember that these finishes are not standardized as well and different companies finish may vary.

Helpful Hints:

 If you are replacing existing hardware measure all pre-drilled holes carefully. Not all hardware is the same size and the center to center spacing will need to be the same if you plan to use the original holes.
 All the hardware in the bathroom should be the same finish – including the doorknob. If your bathroom finish is different than the rest of the home search for a “mixed finish” door knob set that will allow you to use one finish on the interior side of the door and a completely different finish on the exterior.
 Branch out in your decorating style – if oceanic themes don’t work create an exotic look with Japanese Bamboo patterns or a classic roped design.


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