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Protect Your Doors with Push and Pull Plates – Redesigning with Style

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A push plate may seem like a quaint concept that should be relegated to ornate Victorian homes or even just a relic of the past but it actually a useful helper even in the most modern of homes. The push plate in itself is a simple design that can range from a plain rectangular plate to an ornate design (typically a reproduction from an original piece) that protects swing doors from damage over time. A swing door is found in many areas of the home but is most popularly between the kitchen and dining room areas of the home. A swing door allows easy accessibility to both rooms without the need to turn a doorknob and balance a tray of dishes at the same time.

A door can become easily gouged when repeatedly hit with heavy trays and dishes. Small nicks and scrapes may not seem like a major concern at first but over time will become more glaring and unattractive. A door is a relatively expensive item to replace in a home so it is well worth the investment to protect your doors with a simple push plate or push and pull plate set.

A push plate, as stated previously, can range in design and shape. If your swing door is unidirectional the push plate would be installed on the interior of the door and a pull plate will be installed on the other side. A bidirectional door (swings inwards and outwards) will frequently utilize one push plate on either side of the door.

Choosing a high quality push plate is important not only because plated metals can be damaged just as easily as wood under frequent use but because a heavy duty push and pull plate will stand up to normal wear and tear. Solid brass and iron are always great choices because they offer a wide range of beautiful designs as well as durability.

Installing a push plate or pull plate is a relatively simple process and can be done with minimal experience. Push plates are traditionally installed at or near shoulder height (if you are installing replacement push plates and plan on reusing the existing holes measure the spacing between these holes carefully). Most push plates come with the mounting hardware which is two to four wood screws.

Interior door hardware such as push and pull plates is a wonderful way to introduce new designs into the home or enhance existing themes. Choose a style that reflects your unique personality and don’t be afraid to take chances in your decorating style. Search for solid construction and be sure to ask questions. Replacing worn hardware is a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of your home while protecting your doors from needless damage. Shop online at LookInTheAttic & Company for a wide selection of beautiful push and pull plates.

Written by miznomerz

March 15, 2010 at 6:23 pm


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