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Ruby Red Glass Tableware – Building a Collection

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Ruby colored glassware is a vibrant red color that is created by the use of gold chloride. Although it was known and created centuries earlier the exact “recipe” for making red glass was lost until the 17th century. It was highly sought after by glass makers and alchemists for its believed curative qualities.

Glass itself is an amorphous (non crystalline) solid material. Most glass (even if it is colored) is transparent and typically the thinner the glass the more brittle and therefore easier to shatter. Different properties added during the glass making process impact the production in very different ways. Depending on the final product desired melted glass can be manipulated in a variety of ways to create different forms. Glass making techniques dates back into the early records to human civilizations such as Ancient Rome, Egypt, Western Asia, etc.

Collecting glassware is a popular activity not only because of the aesthetic qualities of glass but also because of the practicality. Many items (especially tableware) can be used everyday. Many other collectables do not offer this advantage because use decreases the value but when properly cared for glass tableware will look as beautiful in the future as it did the day you acquired it. Remember to search for high quality pieces without flaws (bubbles, cracks, discoloration, etc). Collecting glassware is often a lifelong pursuit so do not rush to build a huge collection right away, take the time to enjoy the journey and search out antique or reproduction pieces to fill your collection slowly.

Antique reproduction glassware offers the historic patterns that were originally produced but have become less popular over the years. Many glassmakers will use the original moulds to make new pieces so while the glass itself may not be the original – the design is historically accurate. Original antique pieces are often flawed because of inconsistencies in production techniques or chipped and/or cracked because it was not properly cared for by the previous owners.

Ruby red glass is a wonderful addition to any collection and it guaranteed to bring a lifetime of happiness to the owners. Bright and intense colors are a great way to add a dramatic effect to food presentation and the more intense the color the more it will stand out against other dishes at the table. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wonderful collection of Ruby Red glass tableware and a wide variety of other colors such as Pink, Emerald, Milk Glass, Clear, Cobalt, Marigold, Vaseline and Amethyst.

Written by miznomerz

March 1, 2010 at 8:50 pm


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