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Milk Green (Jade) Glass Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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1 1/4 Inch Jadeite Glass Knob

Milk green glass cabinet knobs and pulls (sometimes referred to as jade or jadeite) are a wonderful way to add a retro or vintage feel to any room or furniture. Milk glass is traditionally is opaque (although opalescent styles exist as well) and can range from white to a wide variety of colors. Milk glass was first created in Venice during the 16th century and although it was originally very ornate in nature the popular Depression glass of the 1930’s through 40’s was known for simple designs.

Glass cabinet knobs are a simple way to add some additional color to otherwise bland cabinets or drawers and accent an existing color theme in any room. Although milk green is produced by several different manufacturers it should be noted that the exact shade of glass can vary slightly. By using glass in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom you can add extra interest without overpowering your design style. It is also a unique way to introduce a retro or vintage feel to the room without creating an “outdated” theme.

Installing new cabinet knobs and pulls in the home (or business) is a relatively simple process. Most standard cabinets use knobs that measure 1 ¼ inches to 1 ½ inches in diameter (smaller knobs are more appropriate for small medicine cabinets or drawers). Standard glass pulls have a three inch center to center mounting distance so it is important to double check any existing mount holes you plan on using during installation. Depending on the style of knobs and pulls they may utilize a front or rear screw mounting system.

Milk Green Barrel Glass Knob

Try a new look this year by replacing older and worn hardware with new glass replacements. Remember that antique glass and new reproduction shades can vary so it may difficult to mix originals with replacements. LookInTheAttic & Company offers a great selection of milk glass knobs and pulls in several colors and styles – they also offer free design assistance and help. Updating your cabinets with a vintage design is a unique twist on modern decorating that offers a whimsical touch with a classic design.

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    February 16, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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